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Guard against interior adhesive pollution

Time:2017/7/17 Author: View:3888
In the home decoration, wood adhesive wallpaper, Qiangbu shop must use adhesive. Although different adhesive ingredients are different, but because of containing halogenated hydrocarbons, formaldehyde and benzene, if used improperly or unqualified products will have an impact on the indoor environment.
Adhesives are indoors
Primary source of formaldehyde
It is understood that the formaldehyde release in the adhesive for up to 3 to 15 years, once the use of environmental protection standards of non-compliance of the adhesive, it will bring long-term indoor pollution of harmful substances. The national indoor environment and indoor environmental quality supervision and inspection center director Song Guangsheng told reporters that the adhesive type currently used in the family decoration more, such as polyvinyl acetate adhesive, white latex, mainly used for bonding wood; 801 rubber is mainly used for wallpaper, Qiangbu paving. Polyurethane adhesive is mainly used for bonding plastic floors, and can also be used for bonding steel, aluminum, glass and ceramics. Rubber adhesives are mainly used for bonding rubber products. From the point of view of physical properties, adhesives can be divided into two types: solvent based and water-based adhesives. The solvent based adhesive because of its initial viscosity and adhesive performance is good, the operation process is simple and flexible, easy to control the production process, so the application in the decoration of interior decoration, and polyurethane adhesives, rubber adhesives are water-based adhesive.
Putie wallpaper, the walls are made up of the cracking process, the use of more adhesive, therefore should pay special attention to the environmental performance. The adhesive in the volatile toluene greater stimulation of the skin and mucous membrane, the formaldehyde volatilization slowly after inhalation can cause nausea, even lead to bronchitis, pulmonary edema; halogenated hydrocarbons carcinogenic substances, long-term inhalation can damage the liver and other organs.
Buy Adhesive
Hazardous substances must be inspected
If the decoration by the home decoration company, adhesives will generally be unified distribution by the home decoration company, the owners do not worry about the quality of adhesives and environmental protection issues. But if you are buying or purchasing by the workers, it must pay attention to whether the adhesive environmental protection standards. Best to large building materials stores or regular building materials market to buy.
At present, the state of the content of harmful substances in adhesives have been defined, in GB 18583-2001 "interior decoration decoration materials in the adhesive limit of harmful substances" standard, consumers can check the relevant provisions. At the same time, the standard also provides that "all used for interior decoration materials adhesive products, packaging must be marked in accordance with the standards of hazardous substances and their content."." Therefore, in the purchase of products should pay attention to the outer packing, compared to the standard limit.
When purchasing products, consumers the best sales staff to as much as possible to understand the adhesive product information, and obtain the inspection report, the report should include the product name and number of the applicable standards, sample name, production units, batch number and sampling method; use the instrument name and model test results, and in the inspection process of abnormal etc..
In addition, the owners in the decoration process should also strengthen the supervision of construction workers, pay attention to whether they use adhesive release a pungent odor.
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