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DL 2102 wood powder (single component)

This product is urea formaldehyde resin which is condensed by urea and formaldehyde. It can be used by adding a single component of wood powder after special treatment, mixing with water and mixing thoroughly. With good anti fog and cold water resistance, solvent resistance, its curing speed, cold pressing and hot pressing.
Appearance: Brown, red or white free flowing powder
Fineness: 90%, 60, target quasi sieve, 80%, 80 target quasi sieve
The moisture is less than 1.5%
PH value: 7.8-8.5 (powder: water = 1:1)
Viscosity: 50-300cps/25 DEG C (powder: water = 1:1)
The bonding strength is not less than 1.2MPa
Free formaldehyde: less than 0.6%
1. suitable for wood bonding in wood processing industry;
2. for the furniture, veneer, wood laminated plate assembly, wood tenon, plate etc..
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